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Meet Our Peoples


Kamran Mohammadi



He attended directing school.

He made the film nemat and was selected in 17 festivals and won 3 awards


Sahar Mirzaeianfar



She received a degree in film makeup from university and then studied directing and writing at the school. SHe made two short films called Blood and Long Night.

Blood was selected in 54 festivals and received 24 awards. And she participated in thirty festivals for a long night and won 11 awards.

Carlo De Benedictis 16-04-93  +39 3339741296.jpg

Carlo De Benedictis



Carlo De Benedictis  was born in Brazil but he was adopted when he was still a baby and he came to Italy over the years he have been passionate about writing and cinema thanks to his parents and he pay particular attention to the coming of age films he studied acting in various Italian schools in Rome but he much prefer film direction he is a lover of the sea and the mountains he like to be with a few real friends and have fun with them currently he is about to shoot his  third short film entitled our summer


Dominique Postell



Dominique Postell is a filmmaker based in Houston , Texas, USA. He began his filmmaking career in 2015. Where he began making short films, music videos, and commercials. He released a Short film  Via YouTube called "Briefcase".This is where he grew to emphasize mixing genres like thrillers, action, suspense, drama, and horror.In 2019 Dominique released a horror short called "Say No Now" with a budget of 300 Dollars USD. He created his production company in 2019 ( Postman Legacy Productions LLC). Dominique has began creating films internationally in South Korea where he released short film "Recall" and his new film "Viral". The film has been awarded in multiple categories in film festivals such as (film of the month) and (best short film). 

IMG_0224 (1).JPG

Jordan-Paige Sudduth



Jordan-Paige Sudduth is an autistic 21-year-old screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, and daily
vlogger. Born in 2001 in Georgia, she began acting in stage productions in the 4th grade,
then became interested in acting for film and television around 11 years old. She resides
in Georgia, where she has lived for most of her life. Jordan began writing her first film in
her freshman year of high school, and continued through July 2019, right before she left
for college to study screenwriting. Jordan-Paige now focuses primarily on screenwriting,
but continues to do various freelance film production work. Her most recent short film,
ACES, has surpassed 500K views on YouTube, has won over 15 awards in the film
festival circuit so far, and is on track to hit a million views by the end of the year. Outside
of acting and screenwriting, Jordan is also an avid reader and loves watching tv shows
and films at home. She graduated from Vancouver Film School's Writing for Film,
Television, and Games program in August of 2020, sold her first screenplay in April
2021, and gained representation from CWP Entertainment Management for screenwriting
and her other creative endeavors in February of 2022.

Mario d'Anna.jpg

Mario D'Anna

Director, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Composer


Mario d'Anna is a director, a cinematographer, a screenwriter and a composer. Directed the short film "The Veil" and a sci-fi feature film, "Quam". With Stefano Mangoni, co-directed a documentary feature - "Lanfranco: I'm not a painter" -, a medium lenght docu-film - "Genius Loci" - and "Covidays", a project about Covid-19, which consists of two movies, the documentary feature "The Wave" and the short film "Manuel", which won several awards in international festivals. He's also a jury member of Mantova Lovers International Short Film Festival and a member of the Film Commission Mantova.


Levi A Otis

Writer, Producer, Director


Levi A Otis or know by most as Levi Otis, He is an award winning writer, producer, Director who act as well. He was born in Cleveland Ohio and raised in Trenton NJ. In high school he was envolved in drama club where he learned my love for acting and writing. After college he moved to Hollywood CA where he worked several production jobs as well as background work. After meeting other people in the industry and sharing ideas he had it was suggested he write my own project and create acting opportunities for himself. His first web series was called underPAID which won film festival awards and caught the eye of adult swim. Later he declined the deal and continued to create other projects that also won awards. 

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