Heartbreak Paradise

Director - Gorkey Patwal

Genre - Music Video

Duration - 2 minutes, 36 Seconds

Country - India

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : As the entire world went into a lockdown due to the COVID pandemic, the original concept for the music video for Heartbreak Paradise had to be shelved as it could not be shot anymore. We then came up with this predominantly abstract video which portrays yearning through a series of split shots of two lovers who are stuck in different countries and the dichotomy of love wherein feelings & emotions are rarely coherent, is depicted. The narrative is subjective and open to interpretation, but the emotions at the heart of it, remain the same. The lovers part ways towards the end of the video but as is the case is with all relationships, the story often doesn’t end…It is an endless limbo of uncertainties, and that’s the beauty of love. After all, it’s a heartbreak paradise.


Official Selection August 2020