Director - Federico Canal Santiangeli

Genre - Experimental, LGTBI, Visual Poem

Duration - 3 minutes

Country - Spain

Language - Spanish

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : We are witnessing a battle, a fight between Gender Equality and the Patriarchal Paradigm. Women clamor for their rights and flag brave feminist movements towards equality. Now, what role do men have here? Are they going to be active or passive in this revolution?ABSOLUTION is a visual poem, a reflection on masculinity, its topics and customs. It’s a metaphorically woven speech that uses coloquial language and an experimental artistic iconography. It’s a story about some of the aspects that have been snatched away by a rigid and unrealistic identity model. ABSOLUTION takes a step to a new masculine identity. A NEW MAN that actively contributes to the creation of a society that is enriched by diversity and it’s built towards equal rights.


Official Selection July 2020

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