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Aces and Action

Director - Andrew Daley, Josh Winrow

Genre - Action, Comedy, Drama, Gambling, Mob

Duration - 13 minutes 40 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Aces and Action is an action/comedy that follows a young, down and out wise guy, Joey Caruso. Joey has been in a downward spiral since the passing of his mother and finds himself in trouble with notorious bookie and mob boss, Sal Conti. When Sal becomes suspicious of his own hit man, Johnny, things take an different turn. While Johnny and Joey's "strange" relationship begins to unfold right before our very eyes, Joey makes one last big gamble to try and win it all back. Will Joey hit it big and get his life back on track, or will Sal send Johnny to finish the job once and for all?


Official Selection December 2020

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