Aldrich, Henry's Hometown

Director - Jay Cofield

Genre - history, person, rural life, coal mining, museum, artwork

Duration - 21 minutes 42 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2019

SYNOPSIS : This is the story of Aldrich, a sleepy little former coal mining camp in central Alabama. It is the home of a unique coal mine museum and the man who runs it, Henry Emfinger. Henry tells the story of the mine and the hidden history in Aldrich. A mysterious convict cemetery is contrasted with the beautiful Farrington Hall and the church life of the town. Experience Henry's love for the town, it's people, and the visually striking images of the area.


Official Selection December 2019

TOP 10 of Week (4th Rank) of 49th Week of 2019

TOP 10 of Week (5th Rank) of 50th Week of 2019