Behind The Headset

Password: 0800Kidsline

Director - Rosemary Hunt

Genre - documentary

Duration - 8 minutes 10 seconds

Country - New Zealand

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : 25-year-old Myfawny Barling (Miffy) and 23-year-old Jason He are phone counsellors for New Zealand’s national helpline - Kidsline. Behind the Headset offers an insight into this line of work, interviewing both counsellors around their experiences of their work and how they look after themselves when work becomes too heavy. Featuring, Miffy’s love for photography of New Zealand nature, and Jason’s love for basketball. A dramatized phone call will also play throughout the film to demonstrate what it is like to call a helpline and get the support needed.


Official Selection July 2020

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