Behind The Scenes

Password: bts1111

Director - Sharmila Banerjee

Genre - Drama, Romance

Duration - 30 minutes

Country - India

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS :A contemporary take on new-age relationships and the effect of social media on people. Aditya and Sakshi are happily in a live-in relationship. Aditya owns an advertising firm whereas Sakshi is a fashion blogger and an Instagram influencer. But things start to go downhill when Sakshi becomes heavily addicted to gaining followers and staying viral on Instagram. She always seems to be on her phone and is never in the moment, so much so that her virtual life costs her real life. Aditya sees Sakshi disintegrating herself and tries his best to end her addiction and restore their life back to normal. It is a story of love at its core, and how ambitions and materialistic priorities result in the breakdown of a relationship.


Official Selection August 2020

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