Behind the Scenes Look (Trailer)

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Director - Paul Overacker

Genre - Live-action unscripted, Slice of Life, In the Day of

Duration - 1 minute 30 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : 1 minute in the life of what a Television Technical Director does. Behind the Scenes Look: Live Television Production - Technical Directing is a real-time expose into the fast-paced world of live television sports news. It follows live Technical Director, Paul Overacker, as he shoots the documentary in real-time while switching a live broadcast of sports news. Rarely has there been such an intimate look at the pressures and time constraints of live sports news. Mr. Overacker directed and shot this documentary as part of a series of real-time documentaries that showcase to the outside world an insider's view of the challenges and the lightning fast speed that live television professionals face in the news industry; in this case Technical Directors. It is a commentary on how the modern world wants everything in record speed (thus, the brevity of the documentary) yet people don't always comprehend the amount of production work that needs to occur to produce high-quality news. The story informs people of the pressures of creating live television and it shows the impact on television professionals of having to compete in today's short-attention spanned 'Twitter' world.


Official Selection February 2017