Director - Hee chul Kwon

Genre - Romance, Comedy

Duration - 29 minutes 57 seconds

Country - Korea, Republic of

Language - Korean

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Soo Young lives alone for some time since his parents are in other country. He decides not to meet his girlfriend for a while because of her habit using cell phone even when she's with him. He barely goes out. Only thing he does is writing which is not going well. Being self locked in the 9th floor, he is extremely lonely. In his birthday, accidentally he found the call girl site and wrote the message to call a girl. But he's not the type to actually pay the girl for one night cause he's the innocent type.

But by an accident, he push the send button and face the situation that there's no turning back. He did everything to cancel but failed. when the time comes, being frustrated, nervous, excited, he opens the door not even guessing that the girl who is in front of the door is his girlfriend.

Why is she here? She doesn't even know his new address since he moved after they were temporarily separated.


Official Selection December 2020

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