《derelicts》 (Trailer)

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Director - Qian·junxing, Wei·zishuo

Genre -

Duration - 17 minutes 35 seconds

Country - China

Language - Chinese, English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : One of the two escaped soldiers was a messenger and a blind man, and the other was an enemy scout. Teammates left the blind man in the castle and set up their own traps to explore the way for support. Enemy troops fell into a trap and broke their legs as they entered the castle. The two people trapped in the castle reached a consensus and walked together in search of vitality. After they left the castle, they established a friendship. On the way, we met the messenger who was looking for the way back. While the enemy fired at the messenger, the blind man realized that the situation was not good and took out his pistol. At the same time, two shots were fired, leaving the blind standing in the open space. Then he heard the broadcast of the end of the war.


Official Selection December 2018

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