Director - Lorenzo Olson

Genre - Sci-Fi

Duration - 8 minutes

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020


Diana (Sci-Fi) USA 2020, 8 minutes - An unemployed video game designer is contacted by her dream employer. She goes in for an interview and the situation quickly takes a bizarre turn.


Diana, an unemployed video game designer, spends her days at home dreaming of ideas for the next great game as she waits patiently for her future employer to contact her. When she recieves a call from Helping Hand, a prominent game developer, Diana is fueled with excitement. She calls her husband Luke to tell him the great news. Luke is busy at work and expresses his support for Diana. She arrives at the interview ready to make a great impression. Her interviewer Sybil explains that the interview is a game in and of itself. Diana, relieved, quickly jumps in as gaming is second nature to her. But soon after the game starts the situation quickly takes an unexpected turn. Will Diana pass this bizarre test and get the job she's been waiting for or is her sense of reality what is truly being tested?


Official Selection November 2020