Dinner for Lemons

Director - Marcus Farrell

Genre - romance, LGBTQ, comedy, drama

Duration - 23 minutes 23 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2021

SYNOPSIS : Nowadays, dating is difficult no matter who you are. You either meet many prospects that are either completely wrong for you, or some that have close to what you're looking for, or the one that will break your heart... but VERY rarely will you meet the right one. In the case of Alan, a retired artist whom lives his life as a reluctant loner, he's found the right one. They shared and built their lives together... but it's been 13 years since he passed away, and Alan doesn't believe he'll ever find another. It's not until his granddaughter, Vanessa, comes to visit for their weekly dinners that she times the perfect idea; to encourage her widower and somewhat bitter grandfather to give dating another shot for the sake of Valentines day. Alan reluctantly agrees after Vanessa downloads a dating app to Alan's phone and creates a profile for him. However, the last time Alan dated was over 30 years ago. Things have changed, and the dating world hasn't grown any nicer, especially to older men looking for love.


Official Selection April 2021