EQUÁNIME (Trailer)

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Director - Jordi Barbosa Flores, Juan Antonio Barbosa

Genre - Sci-fi, Thriller, drama, terror, ciberpunk, ficción, cataluña, españa, baix llobregat, filmaker, film, web, webserie, serie

Duration - 15 minutes

Country - Spain

Language - Spanish

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : In a near future, a brand-new technology is available: CIN device, a neuronal implant that replaces the smartphones in terms of functionalities. GHT corporation is on the way to get the monopoly of the CIN technology so it pretends to accomplish its goal at any cost. Iris is just released from jail and she is looking for a job to keep their conditional release from prison. The life of Iris Pons, alias "Jaque", will take an unexpected turn.


Official Selection December 2020

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