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Exist, Not Exist: Zero Tolerance For Silence (Trailer)

Only Trailer Available

Director - Hee chul Kwon

Genre - Drama, Fantasy, Biography, Sci-Fi

Duration - 2 hours 3 minutes

Country - Korea, Republic of

Language - English, Korean

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Min Shik, Hi Ae and Hyun Joo are good friends back in elementary school. Hi Ae loved Min Shik first but he married Hyun Joo and Hi Ae married a guy that she doesn't love.

Three of them went on a trip on a single car. Hi Ae drove and had an accident that killed Hyun Joo. Min Shik is a writer and Hi Ae is his agent trying to control him. Min Shik blames Hi Ae for his wife's death and falls into a deep hole of silence for 10 years that he couldn't write a word. Than suddenly there is this lady Bo Ram appears in his life and says I am your resurrected wife. In fact she is his maniac fan that happens to change his life. Bo Ram and Min Shik sit in one place and happen to write individual books in one night not knowing the consequence. The consequence is- From both books, all the characters come to real life and make this land into chaos. Both have to make them go back into the book, or else, the word will be end. But really? What if Min Shick, Bo Ram are crazy? What if the world will be really meet the end? The characters appear, are they real or just simply fictional character? What is true and not true? The movie will tell them all.


Official Selection December 2020

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