Director - Partha Ganguly

Genre - Music Video

Duration - 4 minutes 54 seconds

Country - India

Language - English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : The sun raises from the east,at a village river side . Someon blow a conch suddenly to create a sound to stat. Few girls threw hand throw the colour to the sky . Avishek start with his hypnotic sounds of handsonic (electronic drum) and other members of the VEDATRONICS starts to tune up themselves. The villagers are happily starting their own festival of Fagh. Suddenly a car arrived there and five young boys and girls jumped off the car and took involved in the festival. There are three girls in that friends gang. One of them was looked very cool and beautiful, named SUNOYANA. She was carrying a digital camera in her hand and she was clicking randomly. Suddenly she found a couple who were completely different from the other villagers. They looked depressed and were seated a bit far from the Festival arena,on a river jetty. The man looked like he belongs from a Raj Family and he was dressed royally. The woman was dressed not like a common village girl and she was truly beautiful. The most surprising thing was for SUNOYANA that the girl looked like SUNOYANA herself. SUNOYANA tried to catch that woman in her camera. But before she clicked the woman properly her friends came there and brought her back to join the main Fagh Festival of colours. Then there the band VEDATRONICS were creating their musical illusion. The villagers were enjoying music, dancing and playing with colors. SUNOYANA and her friends reached the Rajmahal of that village. When they were stepped down to the car, became spellbound to see the royal beauty with the enigmatic spectrum of that enormous Mahal. Initially SUNOYANA and her friends were together. They enjoyed the embellished interior of that Mahal. SUNOYANA started to click this and that. Gradually SUNOYANA became isolated from her friends. She was like hypnotized by the gigantic Mahal and entered in to the very rear part of it where actually no one was visible. Suddenly SUNOYANA found that women of that unusual couple in the Fagh Festival of colours, who was running anxiously through the long corridor. With in a couple moments that man was also appearing and running behind the woman. SUNOYANA rushed towards them. But SUNOYANA lost the couple. She was very curious about the couple and she wants to take a picture of that woman. She again found them in an interesting turn of that corridor. All of a sudden that woman collided with the man and he threw colours on her face. The man jumped on her like a tiger and gave her colour brutally in front of SUNOYANA. The woman struggled to stop him but she couldn't. SUNOYANA tried to adjust her camera and found that the couple disappeared. SUNOYANA was surprised. Then SUNOYANA get entered to a room where she found the couple was in front of a grand piano in a romantic way. The man was molesting the woman with colour and she tried SUNOYANA again tried to get them in her camera but couldn't. Again they disappeared. This time SUNOYANA became scared. She started to run back. She ran through the lobby and found a big wall size photograph of that man inside a room and which indicated that the man was no one but the Maharaj himself. SUNOYANA became more anxious and run madly. Unconsciously SUNOYANA was got into a room. She was highly terrified and found a man was resting there on the easy chair in the center of the room. But from her position she could only saw his back. A tremendous curiosity brings her to face the man and she faced him slowly. The man was talking a nap and SUNOYANA found that this man is an older version of the man whom she followed before. She realized that this is the present situation of MAHARAJ. Suddenly the MAHARAJ opened his eyes and found SUNOYANA. A sudden panic played on his eyes. In that moment SUNOYANA brought a gun out of her side bag and pointed it to MAHARAJ . The sound of a gun fire. Few montages of the outrage behavior of MAHARAJ with the woman.Finally SUNOYANA came to a beautiful waterside slowly, which was back yard of the Mahal. There she found that how did MAHARAJ throw that distressed woman playfully in to the water. Initially the poor woman struggled a lot but slowly sink down. The pond became placid after a while. Only the Fagh colors which were covered that woman's body floated on the water magically. Suddenly SUNOYANA appeared there in the same position underneath the water. She greeted the sun. A smile of success was played on her face. here the story ends.


BEST MUSIC VIDEO - November 2018

TOP 10 of Week (8th Rank) of 47th Week

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