God of Waiting

Director - Amit Saxena

Genre -

Duration - 22 minutes 22 seconds

Country - India

Language - Hindi

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : It's a short experimental film based on the pain caused by Migration of People from the hill state of Uttarakhand. What hurts the most is the 'migration from the hearts' where people going away to big cities do not think much of going back to hills during festivals and forget about going during the holidays.

Shot from the point of view of a Mother who is decorating the village house with Colors and Aipan (folk pictorial art) in anticipation of relatives like her son that they might return. Other old members meanwhile keep on doubting whether they will come or not and only their voices can be heard as if coming from the other rooms. At one point Mother thinks her son has returned but its only a figment of her imagination. When she returns to the living room where she has been making the Aipan design since morning more surprise is in wait for her. It's the past memories which are there in the entire house and the Mother has to make a decision to go away to her son or remain behind to keep the old house livable so that one day when those relatives will return they may find the old house intact.


Official Selection September 2020

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