Grendel (Trailer)

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Director - HanMin , Yun

Genre - Short, Drama

Duration - 1 hour 40 minutes

Country - Korea, Republic of

Language - Korean

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : Through greed, man becomes a different being. If the price for your prosperity was another person's death, would you pay it?A Psychology professor has been murdered in exactly the same way as portrayed in the novel 'Sigmund.' As a result of the media frenzy around this sensational crime, HanJoon, the writer of 'Sigmund,' becomes wildly popular. HanJoon has a chance to turn in the killer, but he conceals the truth for his own benefit. After some time, HanJoon is blackmailed by someone who knows his dark secret. If HanJoon doesn't reveal the professor's murderer, his life will be destroyed.


Official Selection March 2017

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