Hideaway - Season 3 (Trailer)

Only Trailer Available

Director - Gabriela DiMello

Genre -

Duration - 12 minutes 23 seconds

Country - Brazil

Language - Portuguese

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : How many meetings does it take for a group of friends' lives to change completely? In "Hideaway", only one. Created in 2017 by Gabriela DiMello, the LGBT web series began in the intense reunion of Malu (Mirela Pizani) and Raquel (Tatiana Fernandes) after ending a troubled relationship 8 years ago.After that, a series of twists and turns initiated. Malu, once away from conflicts, now returns to Rio de Janeiro causing long-time friends and full of unresolved issues to live around a subjective intersection: how long is our hideaway really safe?The new phase expands conflicts in a sensitive and true way questioning through heterogeneous personalities the artistic and political moment in Brazil, the relation with time and death, LGBTphobia, daily pressure and the idea of perfect love.


Official Selection August 2020