His Hand

Director - Phillip klimek, Nick Kozakis

Genre - Comedy, Drama

Duration - 20 minutes 4 seconds

Country - Australia

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Hard-nosed Dora, and her mild mannered husband Ray, avenge their murdered daughter by hiring the methodical assassin Odin to kill the man responsible. They meet Odin, who tells them the job was a success, but their plan gloriously backfires when Odin presents the pair with the victims severed hand as 'definitive proof' - even though a picture would have been more than enough. Now, Dora and Ray never asked for, nor do they want the hand, but Odin, being a man of irrational principles, refuses to take it back, forcing the pair into a chaotic night evading the police, an enraged contract killer and bloodthirsty circus dogs, with the hope of finding a way to dispose of 'his' hand.


Official Selection January 2020

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