If You Can Walk, You Can Dance (Trailer)

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Director - Moira Rowan

Genre -

Duration - 4 minutes 11 seconds

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS :Elsa Perez, a brilliant choreographer, teacher and dancer aged 85, returns to the country of her birth, with all it's memories of oppression and denied opportunities for her, but it's a journey of self discovery - This music video shows Elsa dancing with the teenage Riel Dancers who although very impoverished, show that dancing can transcend all age groups - The catchy tune 'If you can walk you can dance' composed and written by the award winning musical team, Alan and Charlie Rose with their equally talented son Josh Rose on percussion, encapsulates the beauty of Clanwilliam with its rock art , abundance of wild flowers, and shows off the ancient tradition of The Riel Dance.


Official Selection August 2020

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