I'll Hold (Concept Trailer)

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Director - Gracie Gardner, Phoenixx Flixx

Genre - Romance, Drama

Duration - 4 minutes 54 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : Dereck who suffers from crippling depression writes an advertisement on craigslist offering a significant amount of money to confess a secret. The secret is that he's planning to commit suicide, and there's no catch he just wants to get it off of his chest. Neil (the man he confesses to) understands the weight of that sort of secret and refuses to take the money and asks for a job instead. In the two weeks leading up to Dereck's planned suicide they end up loving and healing each other. But is that enough to keep Dereck alive?NOTE: This conceptual trailer was made BEFORE the film. It was produced as a means to begin audience awareness and engagement, while the feature length version of the film in is being written and slated for pre-production in early 2018.


Official Selection April 2017

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