I'm Sinner (Trailer)

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Director - JAY DOGRA

Genre - Drama

Duration - 1 hour 59 minutes 1 second

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Over ten million female fetuses were aborted in the last two decades after prenatal gender checks in India. Every day there are many female infanticides committed by various methods. According to India's Government in 2016, 2000+ girls are killed every day in India. Due to this, there is an alarming sex-ratio imbalance rising between male and females in India. This story is about a father and his family that desperately want to raise a son, but had four daughters instead. It also follows the daughters' journey as they try to grasp why their father doesn't love them. Through a series of events, the father realizes his mistakes, recognizes his duty to raise them, and becomes a very proud father.


Official Selection February 2020

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