In the Reds (Trailer)

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Director - Cory

Genre - Trailer, Teaser

Duration -

Country -

Language -

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : TOM is a crab fisherman who has been very unlucky with his career choice. He is stuck in a terrible crab season while also having a broken down boat and a drinking problem that has begun once again. Despite his effort to fix the boats engine himself, without any income he just can’t afford it. This brings him to venture back into a past he thought he had left behind, drug dealing. Tom meets with his dealer AL, a crystal meth supplier who gives him a large amount of product in hopes he will become a regular client. Every step Tom takes in Al’s apartment is unsettling, he wants this to go as quickly as possible. The hardest thing for Tom to deal with is the fact that his family (sister JUDE and niece AMBER) know nothing about this. Jude and Amber visit him at his house and bring words of encouragement, letting him know he’s not alone. Acting as if nothing is wrong Tom keeps his cool until a moment when Amber mentions that she’s been hanging around JAKE someone Tom knows from his past of drug dealing. After a delivery to an old buyer who lives in the redwoods he spots Amber’s car in a area just off the same road. Tom’s worst fear is met when he finds Jake in the car with Amber. He confronts Jake who has clearly influenced Amber into smoking the drug Tom himself has been dealing. A fist fight happens in which Tom takes too far, severely injuring Jake. With Tom realizing that he has contributed to his own niece smoking crystal meth he makes a drastic decision and without any thought of consequence, he destroys all the drugs.


Best Trailer - April 2018

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