Living Idle (Trailer)

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Director - Ramana

Genre - Short, Drama

Duration - 15 minutes

Country - United States

Language - India

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : Living Idle is a symbolic short film that reflects actions have consequences.This is the story of an artist - a creative sculptor of idols, that puts life and colour into clusters of mud and clay. Ironically, he fails to add colour to his own creation- his world, his family, his child.The narrative revolves around how a creation of the sculptor- an idol of Goddess Durga punishes him (by rendering him indisposed and idle), when he crosses all limits of abuse and shows him a life of yearning. The film concludes with a deep dawn of realisation - of how a single action- takes away from him his ability to be a prolific sculptor- that of clay and stone and that of his child's future.The film is embedded with contrasting symbolism, as aptly reflected in its title, most strongly that of the strength of a woman, of a mother, which is - representative in Goddess Durga's rendition of 'Good over Evil'.


Best Film - February 2017