Love, Dance

Password: Love, Dance

Director - Candace Wright

Genre - Documentary

Duration - 1 hour 35 minutes

Country - ​​United States

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : As a dancer myself, I see the light of dance. The freedom. The undeniable release of expression within our human forms transformed outwardly for all to see through the movements of our bodies. I want the world to experience this from Columbus, OH. A relatively small city, but full of the light of dance, feeding the creative souls that yearn for that beat, that step, that pop, that pirouette. Come with me as I follow the artists journey and experience a part of their life in this culture of dance. How they teach, how they learn, how they survive and find the joy of life in this art form. How they have come to learn dance, love dance and what it means to them to be a dancer. Their hopes and dreams in this field. The impact it has made in their life. This, I feel, is something that needs to be seen.


Official Selection December 2017

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