Mom is the best

Password: MITB

Director - Benjamin Schnau

Genre - Short

Duration - 20 minutes 13 seconds

Country - ​​United States

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : A lower class overweight mother who is living with her two kids is far from reality. She is not interested in them anymore and is controlled by television and eating. She is using her kids even to make her life more comfortable. When her own dad is bringing the kids home from school, he is entering the bedroom, trying to convince her coming to the hospital with him. But BETH is not listening. He starts yelling at her as the house and herself are falling apart. At some point, he is freaking out, turns off the television and is throwing candy all over her. Emilie, her daughter is trying to stop him, but without success. He is taking the remote control and is leaving the room. On the next day Derick, her youngest son comes back crying as the kids at school were making fun of his mom. Beth, the mother is shocked and realizes for the first time what her lifestyle could mean to her in kids in the future. In the evening she looks into the mirror for the first time in years and is shocked about her face. She starts crying and knows that something has to happen. The next day when the kids are gone to school, she is trying to get off the bed for the first time in years. She can walk some steps but suddenly loses it and falls over lying on the floor crying. Her father finds her and gets her back to bed. When she wakes up talking to him she realizes that her dad not just wants the mom back for her kids, he also wants his daughter back. In this moment she is making a decision, she is not afraid anymore and knows that the surgery can change her but especially the life of her family. The next day we see a video of the mom in which she is talking to the kids. At some point, we are seeing Emilie the daughter crying. She lost her mom while she was getting the surgery.


Official Selection November 2017

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