Monkey & Cat (Trailer)

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Director - Artie Romero

Genre - Family, Children's, Adventure, Humor, Cartoon

Duration - 13 minutes 19 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Everybody wants milk! In the first Monkey & Cat animated adventure, M&C discover that there are no bananas and there's no milk in the house. On their way to the grocery store they befriend Benny the boxer, who's a blind seeing eye dog, his master Lucas and then encounter a variety of pint-sized antagonists. The conflicts reach a boiling point when everyone converges at the supermarket. The climax is chaotic--but super cute!Created, written and produced by Sheree' MorrisTheme song lyrics:Monkey and Cat are two of a kind.They stuck together ever since their lives were entwined.They met in a tree in a simple wayand have been friends ever since that day!


Official Selection February 2020

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