Mountaineers (Trailer)

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Director - Andrea Casadio

Genre - Documentary, Experimental, Web / New Media

Duration - 3 minutes 48 seconds

Country -Italy

Language - English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : To design ski slope, to create them with your hands and to pat them every night in order to have them perfect in the morning: this is the job of a snow groomer driver. Oscar spent his whole life combing the mountains: his biggest reward is to be the first to get on the just made slope. Shot in Cortina D'Ampezzo, on the Dolomites, MOUNTAINEERS is the first episode of a portraits series. It's about unusual and silent figures who usually are hidden in the back, but who represent the site soul: the mountain in its everyday robe. A robe that falls on the mountain shape like snow on rocks.


BEST EDITOR - April 2018

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