Nemesi (Trailer)

Only Trailer Available

Director - Simone Ciancotti Petrucci

Genre - Short

Duration - 26 minutes 44 seconds

Country - Italy

Language - Italian

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : After an important earthquake, which damaged several buildings and caused several deaths, a university residence of a small Italian city collapsed breaking the lives of twenty-one people. The guilty, however, more than the earthquake seems to be the company that did the construction work. Matteo, who has very important documents, tries to get the truth out, while Giovanni, the builder, fights hard against the press attacks against him and his company. In the same period and in the same city, Alessandra and Giorgio live together and are trying to have a child, but they are in a period of crisis that is leading them to the point of total breakup. Towards a journey without return. Are they really in love with the person they are close to or are more taken by the idea they have of it?


BEST DIRECTOR - March 2018