NIRVANA (Trailer)

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Director - Ashray Dravidian

Genre -

Duration - 13 minutes 11 seconds

Country - India

Language - Kannada

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : The Film Nirvana happens in between the worlds of Reality and Illusion. In a metaphorical way the film represents the constant fight of mankind to break the monotony of the society or the structures of civilization. The tall standing buildings of Detroit symbolizes the cage in which our Protagonist is held. He believes the Poetry, the literature, any creative art forms are the only ways to get out if those cage but things are more complicated than it seems. His marriage is slowly derailing, day by day as he feels the walls around him are closing at the very fragile moment he meets a man from his motherland. That's when the true quest begins, the quest of identity and how fragile our identities can be. The moment he realizes that he decides to leave everything behind in walks towards his liberty seeking answers for larger questions of life.


Official Selection October 2018

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