No Melody

Password: kanonsan

Director - Yukiko Nishino

Genre - Experimental, Short, Student

Duration - 14 minutes 48 seconds

Country - Japan

Language - Japanese

Year - 2016

SYNOPSIS : This video work is a narrative story using experimental videos. Because of my Japanese background, I chose place in the Japanese countryside where I used to stay during every summer during my childhood. This location is the silent as a main character Kanon’s attitude. There are no noisy sound, such as, cars, people or machines. This silence is too much for Kanon to observe her future. She needs more experiences to overcome her trauma, but she cannot, because she is in countryside. Mothers always can be the daughters’ alter egoes. However, daughter and mother, these two women are completely different humans. This conflict, I believe, has continued since humans were born from the Earth. This film makes this eternal topic be clear and close to viewers. Simultaneously, this film will help all daughters and mothers to overcome this conflict.


Official Selection August 2016

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