Over Consumption

Director - Ji Seon Lee

Genre -

Duration - 6 minutes 18 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : <Over Consumption> shows the social contradiction on food and health issues that people living in modern society are facing. Most of media in today's society simultaneously broadcast various shows that encourage unhealthy food choices; at the same time, however, they signify the importance of healthy life with exercise and beauty of specified body shapes. The massive amount of contradictory information from the media affect us to either be obsessed with food, feel pressure into over-exercise, or be envious of the specific body types. Even though some broadcast media recommend people to consume healthy food choices, a big price difference between healthy and unhealthy food prevent us to go for the healthy options. Most restaurants and stores sell high-calorie food with much less healthy options, while we pursue to have a slim or muscular body. The enormous number of factory farms that damage the environment run everyday to make large quantity of unhealthy food that are more than necessary.

<Over Consumption> is going to ask you an important question: Is it possible that we might be overeating and over-exercising due to the influence from broadcast media?


Official Selection October 2020

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