PAUSE (Trailer)

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Director - Iona Morrison

Genre - Drama, Music, Teen, Deaf

Duration - 20 minutes 37 seconds

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English

Year - 2021

SYNOPSIS : Joe, a young musician from Glasgow, is extremely passionate about a band he has set up with two of his best friends from college - David and Michael. Being the drummer of the band, Joe is constantly exposed to loud noises but the adrenalin of performing distracts him from the pain that this is causing him.

When driving home after a gig with his mum, their car is hit by a lorry from the side and they are flipped into the air. Surviving with only a few cuts and bruises, they are both grateful to be alive but do not realise the drastic impact that this event will have on them for the rest of their lives.

A few weeks pass and Joe starts to notice a high pitched noise everywhere he goes. He is unable to concentrate at school and cannot perform to his usual standard during band practice. Joe is quite a shy person and does not want to show that he is in pain so he decides to keep it to himself. His friends and family become increasingly more worried about him but since David and Michael both have their own issues (Michael is trying to find a way to tell his family that he is gay and David’s abusive stepdad has just been let out of jail), their efforts to help him are very slim.

Frustrated by how much this is ruining his life, Joe runs away from home but when the high pitched noise appears again, it all becomes too much for him. After coming into contact with a deaf veteran, Joe realises that there may be a way for him to overcome his issues and he eventually goes on an adventure of self discovery and creative realisation.


Official Selection January 2021

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