Portrait of an American Gangster "The Baby Sam Story" (Trailer)

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Director - C-Eddie-O & Ankhenaton

Genre -

Duration - 51 minutes

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : Samuel Edmonson is a former resident of Brownsville Brooklyn, NY and was an infamous drug dealer during the 1980's crack error. The documentary gives the viewer an opportunity to peer inside his world, from being a young child to his eventual trial and sentencing may 28 1989Mr. Edmonson's choices, from college to drug king pin will be explored because though his business was illegal, he had a natural gift regarding business. Due to his dealings, materialism and quest for money he eventually received a lifetime sentence.Mr. Edmonson, who does the majority of narration in our documentary, hopes his story will tell the urban youth what *not* to do. He also utilizes positive thoughts and provoking analogies in an attempt to influence a change of thinking for the impressionable. The documentary does not glorify his lifestyle, it is a factual account of a man who, since the age of 28, has been incarcerated. Choices and consequences, negative or positive - this is the underlying message for our audience.


Official Selection December 2018

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