Project Papa

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Director - Kanika Batra

Genre - Short, Drama

Duration - 2 minutes 47 seconds

Country - ​​​India

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : A father and a daughter- both striking reflections of each other, are at vastly different phases of their lives. The 29-year-old daughter, at the threshold of her career, believes that happiness is a thing of the future. The 64-year-old father, on the verge of retirement believes that happiness is a thing of the past. The film explores the journey of how they both come to realize the importance of being happy in the NOW.The daughter, a young entrepreneur, is wrapped up in the busynessand stress of everyday life, until the very visible signs of her father growing older, and possibly getting Alzheimer’s, makes her rethink everything- her lifestyle, priorities and choices. Driven into a state of panic about how he is slowly fading away from the man he used to be, coupled with her deep desire to ‘fix’ him, she puts her life on hold, and along with her best friend, they embark on Project Papa- her quest to heal him and give back what he gave her in abundance- love, memories and time.The crux of the message the film delivers is #TellHimNow. What would you say to your loved one if you thought that 'tomorrow' with them, might not come?


Official Selection September 2017

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