“Endless Mike” is the first episode of the second season of the supernatural web series “The Tales of Darkened Light”. The episode revolves around a man in his late thirties, Dean who is a Chicago based radio personality at the end of his rope. The radio station has announced the termination of his show due to staggering number of listeners. He suddenly thinks of interviewing Mike, a man who works as a janitor in the radio station at the last week of his show. He comes to know from Mike that has a bizarre condition that lets him live forever.

Almost the whole episode occurs in the radio station, inside the studio. The whole story unravels through the conversation of the two characters. Though there are lengthy dialogues and lesser scene change the story line is strong enough to hold the attention of the audience. Despite having long conversations throughout the episode the supernatural element is well brought out and does not fail to send a chill down our spines. The two leading characters engage the audience making them feel as if they are there with them, hearing their stories face to face.

“Endless Mike” has been inspired by the themes from “Long live Walter Jameson” by Charles Beaumont. Written and Directed by Rick Masi, the 30 minutes long episode would not let the audience move from their seats. Like most other episode the series, this one too does not only talks about supernaturalism. It talks of life at large, the worth of it and the importance of death. Along with the surreal quotient of the whole idea the plot makes the audience retrospect common fears and insecurities that we go through now and then.

The Direction is flawless and so is the script which is extremely engaging. The plot gradually reaches its climax with a twist at the end which surprises the audience, they are awestruck by the sudden ending. The episode maintains its signature style of the series, that is, the whole episode is in black and white. Yet again we see a story of someone who lives among us, with us yet is different from any of us, as if from some other world. The storytelling is convincing and takes the audience to place which is a reality beyond the real, anything but natural, a story of a human being beyond our imagination.

The leading character Mike has been played by Rick Masi himself and he has done an excellent job. His acting is natural, his screen presence brilliant and his overall performance highly commendable. Matt Chavez who plays Dean is pretty good as well. Dialogue delivery and expression of both the actors is at par with international acting standards. All other side characters did pretty good to making the watch pretty much attention grabbing.

Overall the premiering episode of the second season is damn palatable, pretty uncanny and is definitely mind boggling making it worth watching not just once.

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