Tales of darkened light brings to us yet another story from a realm that has always kept us wondering. This supernatural web series in its fifth episode tells us a tale of love and loss that stays with us even across the great divide of life and death. The Rick Masi directed short film narrates a story of a young man called Adam and his struggles with relationships, heartbreaks and self-reflection that keeps us astounded for some time. The story puts forward a thought which could be to say what you think, apologise for your mistakes or you might be stuck with those thoughts forever, literally forever! The episode is named “Runaways” and the name is metaphorically ingrained throughout the eighteen minutes of this mind provoking drama. The film is shot in black and white and uses overlapping and dissolve during scene transition to create dramatic and symbolic effect. The story gives us a sense of déjà vu as the film progresses. The supernatural quotient of the film is left open to interpretation and is very well intertwined with the emotional quotient. No extra effort have been put to divide the physical and the metaphysical which makes the film an interesting watch. Will Nemi plays Adam, Melodie Roehrig plays Melissa. Both have pulled of their characters as required. Rick Masi himself appears in the role of Sam, a friend of Adam. Film has no low notes and has the capability to keep the audience glued. Well directed and well presented, the fifth episode of the first season this series is definitely a must watch.

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