The Art of Revenge

Director - Oleksandr Shevchyshyn

Genre -

Duration - 1 minute 34 seconds

Country - Ukraine

Language - English

Year - 2019

SYNOPSIS : It is a bedevil drama with controversial heroes and mood swings. It is a story of a girl - who is either totally mad or obsessed and a demon of talent. Main heroine Isabelle is young, beautiful, talented and rich. She is a conspicuous Bohemian. She owns an Art Gallery that she inherited from her late mother – a famous artist. Isabelle dream – to paint – looks impossible, as she suffers from the rear type of achromatism and cannot distinguish colors. Even her father - a famous and rich cinema producer cannot help her. Once, a young, impudent and ambitious director Max, who brought his script to her father’s studio, appeared in Isabelle’s life. We can witness a fast-paced affair, which, in classic fashion, leads to the wedding. Max, with Isabelle’s father support, starts his movie production, and Isabelle in her turn, opens an art school at the Gallery, even that she is still not approaching an easel. Everything looks fine, till one day, when Isabelle finds out about her husband’s adultery. The woman is getting crazy from pain, and keeps alive only by support of her close ones – father, doctor and grandpa, with whom she is very close. Tears are over, and Isabelle starts her range of adulteries. During sex, unexplainable anomaly are happening with her brain, cause of which she starts not only to distinguish the colors, but even to see the widest spectrum. Exactly during the sex, she is drawing a picture, which will be recognized as a masterpiece. However, it is a side-effect – next morning she feels much worse, so when she is inducing a spasm, Isabelle is risking to become blind. So the girl receives both a gift and a curse. At the height of her vulnerability, Isabelle finds out about suspicious business of her business, and how he has used her. Being unstable, she commits a suicide, while talking with Max by FaceTime . He is late to save her, and he is found near her body. 2 halls, 2 well-publicized events in the city, 2 gavels. At one hall, Isabelle picture is being sold at the auction. At another one - Max is tried for his wife’s murder. At the one hand, we see video interview of Isabelle, in which she tells a story of all her erotic affairs, about her pain, her suffering and crazy plan to revenge her husband. The plan is which all chosen partners appeared to be spouses of her husband’s lovers. At another hand, we have witnesses’ testimony talking about Isabelle’s schizophrenia and everything has been imagined. Only you can decide where truth is, and who is a real victim of this love. First fall of the gavel – the picture is sold for 1 million euro, and according to the will, Max should receive money. Second fall of the gavel – Max is getting life sentence for the murder of his wife. Genius art of revenge … but who has won? Ratings



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