The Cabin by the Bay

Director - Freddy Moyano

Genre -

Duration - 1 minute 51 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : WINNER: BEST POSTER, BEST TRAILER - Cult Critic Awards 32nd Ed.-A just-under-2-minute cinematic, experimental, music video of the Bay as seen by Mr. Tin Man, a rusty decoration sitting by an apple tree next to a century-old log cabin. Reminiscent of the film, The Wizard of Oz:The pelicans are there for the summer season (like Dorothy), perhaps missing their home, yet enjoying the friendship the moment brings.Mr. Tin Man looks for a heart. The yellow tones are a sign of the past... Blue tones connect with the reality of the present.The lighthouse (known here as Bay Watcher) evokes the Scarescrow figure. It only needed of solar panels to adapt to times. Solar panels are no "brain", but the lighthouse reigns supreme.The Cargo Ship represents the lion. The King of all Ships, size wise. For decades it has crossed the Bay from Menominee to Sturgeon Bay.The Cabin is reminiscent of Dorothy’s home that flew across realms, the “realms” as of a century ago when it was built, versus today. It saw wood burning stoves (now gas fireplaces). It felt like home then and it still has its charm today.The yellow tones are connected with the yellow path in the Land of Oz, which might lead Mr. Tin Man to a heart (or perhaps not), but surely to gaining timeless wisdom stemming from contemplating the beauty of the Bay of Green Bay, adjacent to Lake Michigan.At last, the music adds the nostalgic feel the piece needs...the connection of past ‘realms’ (Oz) to present times (Kansas / the real world).


Official Selection August 2020