The Chosen Few 2 (Life of an AFL Captain)

Director - Peter Dickson

Genre - Documentary, Feature,Sport, Drama

Duration - 1 hour 31 minutes 38 seconds

Country - Australia

Language - English

Year - 2016

SYNOPSIS : Following the critically acclaimed 2014 Documentary on the life of an AFL Coach, this next installment will take you inside the hearts and minds of a remarkable group of young men, the AFL Captains.You will see what it takes to reach the pinnacle of leadership at the elite level of our great game. With unprecedented behind the scenes access to the inner sanctum including never before seen on-field vision and audio, you will witness first hand the human side of the AFL Captains.With generous unguarded honesty they share their very personal stories of life in and out of the spotlight.Prepare to be taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. From euphoria to despair and back again. For not only have they chosen this most demanding role, it has chosen them.These are the Chosen Few.


Official Selection December 2015

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