The Climb

Director - Arun George

Genre - Time-loop, Fantasy

Duration - 19 minutes 51 seconds

Country - ​​India

Language -Malayalam

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : A tale of friendship, the simple story follows one day in Simon Peter’s life as he wakes up, goes climbing a rock mountain with his friend Thomas, watches his friend die, which leads the day to start over. This continuous time loop seems to have no end at all. Will Simon ever be able to break the time loop? To find out, tune in for “The Climb”The story on the face of it is a tale of friendship. At another level, the short film is an expression of the writer’s battle with depression and his struggle to manage with its effects. Finally, the implied subtext of the movie is a conversation between the two warring sides of one’s mind when suffering through depression.


Official Selection September 2017

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