The Farmhand (Trailer)

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Director - Michelle Elise Harding, Shari Harding

Genre - Romance, Drama, Period Piece, Suspense

Duration - 42 minutes 12 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2019

SYNOPSIS : “The Farmhand” takes place during the height of Prohibition in South Carolina where lawlessness prevailed. Hired assassin Grayson Livingston is on a mission by a kingpin bootlegger to execute Sheriff Henry Lloyd, a small town sheriff who makes alcohol shipments moving through his county difficult. In his attempt, Grayson makes a grave mistake in judgment. Now an outlaw on the run, Grayson finds shelter on a farm where he is discovered by the owner, Everett James (EJ) Sawyer. Hired as a farmhand, Grayson crosses paths with EJ’s wife, Constance (Connie) Rose Martine-Sawyer, who quickly takes a liking to him. A relationship blossoms but it soon leads them both into danger. As Sheriff Lloyd relentlessly hunts Grayson, no one is safe.


Official Selection May 2019

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