The Grammar Realm | Remember S (Trailer)

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Director - Jeremy Arthur

Genre -

Duration - 14 minutes 57 seconds

Country - Korea, Republic of

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Do your kids find learning grammar to be a boring, anxiety-inducing nightmare? Well, perhaps a comedic sci-fi fantasy fever dream is just what the teacher ordered. Join S, an ill-mannered, self-centered snake, cast down from his realm of ever-growing plurality by a well-meaning, not-so-all-knowing Sun, and sent on a mission to help lonely, young Brad find a friend. Together they uncover some important lessons about subject-verb agreement, but will it be enough to solve poor Brad’s growing existential crisis? Spoiler alert: it won’t. But the truths they uncover while exploring the Grammar Realm will help people of all ages to establish a firm foundation in English grammar understanding, while allowing their sense of wonder to thrive.


Official Selection October 2020

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