The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise (Trailer)

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Director - Deacon Burns

Genre - Hip Hop, Sci-Fi, Animated T.V series

Duration - 22 minutes 13 seconds

Country - United States

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : "The Great Adventures of Kounterclockwise," is a show about a husband (Deacon Burns) and wife (Kaya Rogue) alternative hip hop duo called Kounterclockwise. They live in a small apartment building in Cleveland Heights Ohio with Deacon's Mother and her 7 cat's; Trying to make it in the music biz when they encounter 5 alien space cats from planet 'Catopia,' which is under attack by the Creeps. The cats are looking for refuge while being hunted down by an evil alien bounty hunter named Brother Creep (who is the brother of Mr. Creep, the villain from our animated movie "Kounterclockwise In Forever-Land"). and the story unfolds….


Official Selection April 2017

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