The Legendary Huo-Yun

Director - Lee, Chine-Cheng

Genre - Documentary, Short

Duration - 27 minutes 2 seconds

Country - Taiwan

Language - Chinese

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS :In Taiwan, the country with the highest motorcycle density in the world, there is a group of riders who love 2-Stroke Motorcycles. To get old motorcycles on the road safely, you must rely on motorcycle repair technician.Taichung Xitun District has a first-class motorcycle repair master who sorts out 2T old motorcycles. He looks similar with the Huo Yun Xie Shen in the movie《Kung Fu Hustle》. The motorcycle fans all call him "Uncle Huo-Yun”. He is an honest and talkative nice old man.Uncle Huo-Yun always revived old motorcycles, and the charges are reasonable, motorcycle enthusiasts praise him a lot. In addition to superb motorcycle repair skills, Uncle Huo-Yun is also very attentive to the inheritance of traditional motorcycle repair technology. And he teaches apprentices carefully and patiently.However, in the face of the changes in the general environment and the pressure of rent, it is unknown whether this work can continue and how long he can continue to work.


Official Selection August 2020

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