The Long Ride

Password: Longride2019

Director - Sarah Passos

Genre -

Duration - 7 minutes 18 seconds

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : Zack is a struggling actor with too much talent and not enough luck. After a day of disappointments he just wants to sit down and unwind. On the phone with his husband Aidan, he vents while looking for a seat in the train.

But as expected, Zack ends up standing with the rest of the rush-hour crowd.

Well, screw that.

To guilt-trip the other passengers into giving him a seat, Zack fakes a break-up on the phone. Nothing is off-limits, anger sorrow, tears and begging… After all, it’s not hard for a young actor to fake a mental breakdown.

Aidan, used to Zack’s shenanigans, plays along. But Zack goes too far this time and Aidan starts question the foundations of their relationship.

Once at destination, Zack finds Aidan waiting for him. His partner had enough. The break-up is real this time and there’s nothing Zack can say to fix it. He can’t act his way out of this one.

Aidan walks away and Zack goes back to an empty train. Surrounded by vacant seats.


Official Selection September 2020

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