The Masked Prostitute

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Director - Devashish Sargam

Genre - Murder Mystery, Suspense

Duration - 16 minutes 10 seconds

Country - India

Language - English

Year - 2017

SYNOPSIS : The Masked Prostitute is a story of a fierce less female(Janet) who chooses to become prostitute in spite of hailing from financially privileged background due to which she decides to keep her identity a secret by wearing a mask while leading a life of prostitute she chooses for herself to seek fun and excitement in her life. One of her regular customer (Rajeev) gets attracted to her beyond a point where he is smitten by her beauty and develops strong urge to unmask her but the thrill starts when Janet lays down conditions for revealing her face... To know whether Rajeev will able to fulfill those conditions mentioned by her ? Or there is unexpected turn to the mystery.. .To know more please watch the Suspense Thriller Movie By The Award Winner Writer Director Mr. Devashish Sargam " The Masked Prostitute "


Best Short Film December 2017

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