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The Portrait Of Loneliness in Quarantine

Director - Miguel Reyes

Genre - Romance, Drama

Duration - 14 minutes 57 seconds

Country - Peru

Language - Chinese, English, Spanish

Year - 2020

SYNOPSIS : His girlfriend has left him and he is in quarantine. Locked in his painful loneliness, Mateo, a young painter, seeks an escape on an online dating site. By mistake he meets Lily, a sweet young woman from China with whom he lives a tender friendship, without knowing that she is enduring the drama of a toxic relationship. Between talks and games, love arises in Mateo. He is determined to get on a plane and meet her. However, Lily is not ready for a love story.

Malasia and Peru | 2020 | Made with iPhone 8 and iPhone XS | 15’ | 16:9 | Spanish, English and Chinese


Official Selection December 2020

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