The Saver (Trailer)

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Director - Miguel Chavez

Genre -

Duration - 12 minutes 22 seconds

Country - United States

Language - Albanian, Chinese, English

Year - 2018

SYNOPSIS : Chinese martial artist Kai Wang does Underground fighting work every night for making money to pay for his mother Lan Wang’s hospital fee. But his boss Fitim Kelmendi takes the most advantage of him, and pays him the least as Fitim can. Kai Wang visits his mother every night, until one day Doctor Gomez tells him that his mother has the last three days left unless he can get fifty thousand dollars for paying her heart valve surgery. Kai has to look for help from his boss. Fitim makes a deal with Kai that if he wins a big fight the next night, Fitim will lend Kai the money, but if he loses, Kai will owe Fitim the fund. If Kai runs away, Fitim will kill all Kai’s family including his mother. Kai has to accept it. Kai goes through an extremely tough fight and finally wins. But Fitim doesn’t follow his promise. Kai is now risking his life to face a final battle with his own boss for his mother’s life…


Official Selection November 2018