The Wait

Password: explorer2016

Director - Tiziana Bosco

Genre - Short, Drama

Duration - 1 hour 26 minutes

Country - Italy

Language - English, Italian

Year - 2016

SYNOPSIS : A man knows he is going to be killed, but doesn’t react. Moving backwards through his life, we find out why, who he is, why he took the identity of his victim, what he wanted to do before he died. An atmospheric movie in which images play a major role, because its characters -especially the protagonist- are laconic, solitary, disillusioned. Also an action movie, with an engaging narrative development. The story takes place in a Sicilian town, not far from tourism or commerce, nestled with organized crime and gossip; the crime scene, however, is viewed as unobtrusive by the locals, while the gossip is more important than the solidarity of the local community. .......


Best Feature Film October 2016

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